The Rules of the Game

A few simple rules for playing Shuffleboard. Are you ready?

Who can play?

It is a fun game suitable for all ages, from 5 to 100 years old.

Goal of the game

Each player must push their discs to the opposite side of the court and try to get them to the parts of the triangle marked with numbers 10, 8 and 7 to accumulate points. Instead, he must avoid that the discs stop at the base of the triangle because 10 points are deducted from his score. It can also hinder the opponent's play by hitting his discs.

Duration of the game

The winner is whoever reaches 75 points or accumulates the most points after 8 rounds (each round includes two games with a change of field, first from left to right and then from right to left)

Ready? Here are the rules:

      1. Arrange the discs at the base of the triangle, the yellows on the left and the blacks on the right. The yellow color begins. After the change of court, black begins.
      2. Players take turns shooting: yellow, black, yellow, black.
      3. Do not walk on the court but move outwards along the sides.
      4. Hold the cue and push the disc from the opposite side of the court.
          Warning: during the throw, do not step over the orange part of the court.
      5. Points are added each time and scored at the end of each round.
      6. The point is NOT assigned if the disk touches the line, it is assigned when a portion of the field is seen between the disk and the line.

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